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Calls to ban lighting that highlights acne

The Children's commissioner has suggested that pink lighting used to disperse children from public places is "cruel and demeaning" and should be banned.

The lighting is being used to highlight facial features, such as acne, in order to prey on teenagers insecurities as a method to get them to move on from public spaces. Other tactics being used include "mosquito devices" which generate sounds which are seemingly only capable of being heard by those under 25 years old.

Both tactics are being used by councils and businesses as a mechanism to deter youngsters from loitering in public places after dark.

The Mosquito device was first launched in 2006 by Compound Security Systems (CSS) and they sell approximately 50 a month in the UK. Simon Morris, company director, says, "This is just a benign, non-confrontational, safe way to get kids to move on. You use it once or twice and at that point the kids have got the message and they will disperse,”

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child recommended, in 2016, that the UK banned the devices in order to protect children’s right to freedom of movement. However, currently, there is no regulation for "pink lights or mosquito" devices and their use. 

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