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  • Copyright, Design Rights & Performer’s Rights
  • Licensing of copyright
  • Valuation of copyright assets


Copyright: It’s your Right, so protect it.

Copyright creates an unregistered design right which applies to the creation of work under a certain set of criteria. The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (CDPA) sets out the provisions of UK copyright law and acts to protect original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works, published editions and sound recordings, broadcasts and films, for set periods of time.

Protecting copyright is a crucial element in business, especially for those in the publishing, creative and technology industries.

Powerful Measures from the Dedicated Team at HCB

At HCB Solicitors, one of the areas of legal expertise our business clients rely on us for is copyright protection. And whilst our copyright lawyers do take great care to ensure powerful measures are in place to protect the valuable property of our clients in the publishing and creative sectors, we place equal emphasis on ensuring any commercial organisation we represent, from sole trader upwards, never has to deal with the distressing effects of copyright infringement.

Our services cover all industry sectors and we deliver expert advice, without the jargon, on:

  • UK copyright protection under the CDPA
  • Performer’s Rights under Part 2 of the CDPA and the Copyright and Related Rights Regulations 2003
  • Design Rights under Part 3 of the CDPA
  • Copyright protection outside of the UK under the Berne Convention
  • Copyright Tribunal defendant and claimant representation
  • Copyright licensing
  • Valuation of copyright assets

Copyright can be a confusing subject and an in-depth understanding of the provisions of the relevant Acts and Regulations is vital when dealing with any aspect of this area of law.

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  • A dedicated team of intellectual property specialists offering advice and representation to clients

For sound advice from copyright lawyers with experience drawn from high profile corporate backgrounds, contact HCB Solicitors and place your valuable copyright in the safest hands.