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  • “We are so grateful to HCB for helping us with our appeal to change our son’s EHCP. Andrew Barrowclough, Ffion Davies and Rob Price were all wonderful. Without them we wouldn’t have known where to start. We can’t thank them enough for their help, support and professionalism.”

  • “I am over the moon with my experience with HCB, all members of staff are extremely helpful and supportive. Andrew Barrowclough and Ffion Davies have been working on my son’s case and their professionalism and support has been next to none. Andrew is extremely knowledgeable, and honest, Ffion Davies is very attentive and has been on the ball with every stage of my case, they have both been such a great team. Both Ffion and Andrew have fought extremely hard to achieve the best possible outcome for my child. I cannot recommend HCB enough."

Ffion Davies
    • Ffion Davies

    • Trainee Solicitor (HCB Widdows Mason)
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What Coronoavirus (COVID-19) means for your child with Special Educational Needs

  • Posted

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has officially announced that schools across the United Kingdom are to close indefinitely in an effort to curb the increasing spread of coronavirus. The decision came hours after Wales announced their own blanket school...

House of Commons Education Committee - Special educational needs and disabilities - First Report of Session 2019-20

  • Posted

In 2014, Parliament legislated with the intention of transforming the educational experiences of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities. The Children and Families Bill sought to place young people at the heart of...

Children in prison twice as likely to have special needs

  • Posted

A recent article published by The Independent states that children in prison are twice as like to have special needs. Data from the Ministry of Justice reveals 30 per cent of children who entered custody over 2018-19 were assessed as having special...

New exclusions powers

  • Posted

It has often been reported within the media that children and young people with Special Educational Needs are at significantly greater risk of facing exclusion if they Special Educational Needs. A case was brought to the Special Educational Needs Tribunal,...

Ofsted inspections for top-rated schools to be reinstated

  • Posted

Since 2012, once rated outstanding, English schools have been exempt form routine inspections to free them from external intervention. However, the Department of Education has recently announced the reintroduction of inspections of top-rated schools to...