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  • Advice on what can be deemed patentable
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Patents exist to protect how inventions work, the functions they perform and how they are made. A patent grants the inventor a right to prevent anyone without permission from manufacturing, selling, distributing or using their invention.

In order to qualify for a patent, an invention needs to be original, include an ‘inventive step’ that is not clearly evident to anyone with knowledge on the subject allowing them to easily make an effective copy, and has to be able to be used or made within some form of industry.

Patents cannot be any works covered under the Copyright, Designs and Patent Act 1988; they can’t be a science or mathematics based theory, method or discovery; a variety of plant or animal or a method of diagnosing or treating a medical condition. In fact, there are a few things they can’t be, which means an in-depth understanding of this area of law is needed so as not to waste time and money on futile patent applications.

Identifying and Protecting your Patents: Part of the HCB Service

At HCB Solicitors, our advice on the identification and protection of inventions that can be deemed patentable forms part of our close relationship-based service offered to our brand owning business clients.

Because we are all about getting to know your business, we’ll achieve a sound understanding of your commercial goals. So if you are in the development stage of a new product, and we see the opportunity for it to be patented, we’ll let you know and then walk you down the road of registration so that it becomes a valuable business asset which is protected from the threat of competitors.

Whether your invention stems from a scientific industry; mechanical; engineering; electronic; information technology or biotechnology, we can provide strategic advice on all UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO), European Patent Office and International Trademark matters, including:

  • Patent register checks
  • Patent applications
  • Patent protection
  • Defending patent actions
  • Action against patent breaches and counterfeit goods
  • Advice on ‘freedom to practice’
  • Patent renewals
  • Trademark watching
  • Licence negotiations and transfers
  • Trademark portfolio management

At HCB our service is focused on securing your protection and maximising your brand’s commercial viability. And we’ll step in at a moment’s notice if there is evidence of your patent being at risk, tenaciously defending your intellectual property assets to whatever extent necessary.

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Talk to HCB about patents and you’ll be assured of reliable advice, support and knowledge in this complex discipline of intellectual property law. Our existing clients will testify in support of our expertise.