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Divorce Solicitors in London

Here at HCB, we believe that divorce doesn't have to drag out. As specialists in family law, our divorce solicitors in London have helped a vast amount of clients through the legal process of separation with ease. We achieve results by listening to our clients, understanding your needs and requirements before working closely with you to secure your desired outcome. With the emotional impact of divorce already creating a great deal of stress, our aim is to keep the time and costs to a minimum, guiding you through constructive mediation sessions to an agreement that suits your specific needs. Protecting your interests is our priority, so we will work quickly but meticulously to help you get your life back on track.

Why choose HCB's divorce solicitors in London?

With a proven track record for achieving results, you can rely on our divorce solicitors in London to handle your case with nothing but professionalism and dedication from start to finish. We don't believe in providing per-packaged advice, which is why we will always take the time to understand your individual situation and assess your legal position before providing a tailored, independent service. As well as our technical expertise, our divorce solicitors in London have built a reputation for our unrivalled dedication to our clients, aiming to be available round the clock for strategic advice and legal support when you need it the most. We understand that the stress of separation is enough, let alone the costs that are associated with the process. That’s why we will always attempt to resolve your disputes through constructive mediation sessions, assisting and advising you through negotiation to agreement to save you the costs and confrontation of court proceedings. If successful, this method could potentially salvage a working relationship between you and your partner, which will be particularly beneficial if you have children to care for. If you are concerned about your finances post divorce, you can rest assured that our specialists have the experience necessary to secure a fair settlement and a bright future for your family.

Defended Divorce

If you wish to file for divorce but your partner does not agree, it’s easy to let a dispute escalate due to the emotions involved. If this sounds familiar, get in touch with our divorce solicitors in London as soon as possible. We will assess your legal position, what your options are and whether you have sufficient grounds upon which to petition. From here, we will help both you and your spouse to reach an agreement through alternative dispute resolution. However, where cooperation fails or this is not an option, rest assured that our team have the experience necessary to provide the best representation to secure your desired outcome.

Divorce Resources in London

Citizens Advice in London

If you have been considering divorce but would like to gain more information on the process or a general overview on your options, you may find it beneficial to make a one-off appointment with your local citizens advice bureau for free, confidential advice.

Courts in London

For a list of courts and tribunals within London, visit the link above to the governments website. If you seek representation or advice through a court hearing, get in touch with our divorce solicitors in London today.



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