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Our family lawyers have been chosen for their excellence in family law and their genuine commitment to your welfare and interests.

  • Covering the full spectrum of legal services associated with family matters
  • Straightforward pricing policies for absolute clarity

Family Law Solicitors

Here at HCB, we work to a very specific set of values, at the centre of which is providing an unrivalled service to you, our Client.

How do we do this?

We are experts in our field.

Within the family department at HCB, we have only the very best lawyers working for you. Each and every one of our lawyers has been chosen because they excel within the field of family law. Their commitment to you, and their passion for the subject, mean that you will receive only the very best service.

We call in other experts where needed

At HCB, we offer a range of legal expertise that will add value to how we run your matter or any other needs you may have outside this particular matter.  

We have property solicitors who can deal with transfers of property as part of any settlement.

We have employment law specialists who will advise you if you work for your former partner's company. 

We have company law specialists if there is a family business that needs looking at. We also have a non-solicitor tax expert in house to deal with any complex trusts or tax consequences of your settlement.

We have worked very hard to build up a trusted range of external experts that we can recommend, if the need arises. If you feel you would benefit from talking to a counsellor, we can suggest some names. If you need a mortgage, we can find someone to help you. If you will receive a cash lump sum, we can bring in independent financial advisors for you to speak to. 

To HCB, being your lawyer means looking at more than just the law – it means looking after you, in full.

We have a clear pricing policy 

We understand the importance of knowing how you are charged, when you will be charged and what your likely overall costs will be.

We cannot always provide you with a specific figure because every matter is different and many factors can affect the costs after we start , but we will always provide you with a quote, at the outset of your matter, broken down into the stages you will be going through. 

We will tell you as soon as these estimates look like they will be exceeded.

We will also tell you what factors can increase your costs from our estimates. 

We are very conscious that managing your costs is important so we work with you to help you to minimise your costs where possible.

We offer some services on a fixed fee, have a look at our pricing. Our pricing information explains what we offer on a fixed fee and when we cannot work on a fixed fee, the pricing explains to you exactly how we charge for our time. This means from the outset, you know what or how we charge.

We think laterally for your benefit

We know every situation is different and you may not feel dealing exclusively through solicitors is right for you. 

At your initial meeting, we will also talk you through the other ways we may be able to resolve your matter, such as round table meetings. We will advise what is appropriate to your case, and what you feel comfortable with.

We also explore other avenues such as mediation with external bodies that we know by reputation and experience to be productive.

If your matter is suitable for mediation, we will tell you, make the referral and then advise you if there is any information missing that may affect your settlement, what the law says about what you are entitled to and provide our advice on any agreement reached at mediation. We then offer you a fixed fee to embody the agreement reached at mediation in a binding court order to protect your position long term. 

If, after mediation, you need more help, either to refine your agreement or to explore other possibilities, we can work for you on an hourly rate basis for which we would provide you with a full and clear estimate of fees.

We work for you

We appreciate that your case has individual circumstances. At HCB, every one of our lawyers will deal with your matter as you want it to be dealt with. If that means we need an approach marked by gentle and unthreatening correspondence, that is what we will do. If matters require a firm hand, we will be ready. 

We work for you - and that means, whilst looking after your best interests, we tailor our approach to your needs. 

  • When there’s a fight to be had the team did not back away, however, when there was a deal to be done the team did it.


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